About Symfony event-sourcing and ddd boilerplate

The project was born close to 3 years ago (Jan 2018) and originally named as symfony-4-es-cqrs-boilerplate but since it was migrated to symfony 5, we migrated the repository to match with symfony version and keep it consistent.

We’ve upgraded from Swagger to OpenAPI recently, dramatically reduce test suite from 8 minutes to 5 seconds and upgraded all dependencies so we are up to date right now.

But what people ask about this days is about documentation, ask about particular use cases they don’t really know how to proceed. I’ve examples in the repo about buses, xdebug, how to implement a new command or query handler, projections, etc… But that I don’t have are the basics about DDD, ES and CQRS. I gave a thought to that topic many times and how to do it.

I think I’ll put all this documentation in the repository instead in this website. The main reason is participation, I want people to be able to add examples, fix my non native speaker typos that I do very often and correct me in possible misconceptions. I just started and I started with the Strategic Design (sorry for the show me the code people) as I want people to understand that analysis and conversations are more important than the code itself. I’ll probably have a PR ready in a couple of weeks.

To be honest, this is the only php code I wrote in the last year and php 8 is at the corner. I’ll never thank enough to https://github.com/cv65kr for the upgrade to 7.4. As I’ll be very focus on documentation I’ll not probably pick the php 8 upgrade as soo as it get released. I also need wait for the code cast folks to upgrade their alpine repository and for tons of packages to finish the upgrade so I don’t expect the migration done before 2-3 months after the php 8 release. If you’re interested and want to follow the upgrade process I’ll open a PR as soon as get released the stable version here.

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That all for now. Thanks for the support and contributions.