About me


I'm Jorge Arco, software developer and consultant. From Sevilla, south of Spain, but living in Barcelona, since 2013. I've two cats, they think I'm Batman, but in fact I'm not shhh.

if (true == $reader->isRecruiter()) {

   throw new \Exception('
       I developed in Java => yes 
       I'm a Java developer => no
   ', 409);

My title says Sysadmin

But 50% of my career is based on backend and 25% on frontend development because the company need it and because I can.

Developing with Symfony since v1.4 and currently working on v3.* with PHP7 on Docker containers. It's in what I spend hundred of hours per months.

The rest of the time I worked as sysadmin and frontend too, AngularJS philosophy fan and jQuery hater and, maybe, even Javascript too. I prefer SCSS to Less, and Gulp to Grunt.

I can stay, in a normal Saturday, 6 hours on Codepen and GitHub learning from other people or creating a Kubernetes cluster without problem.

Working in a CI environment built by my current team not long ago.

I try to be up to date on the technologies I use, witch means I don't sleep so much.

I have very clear how important it's the community and I contribute to some popular repositories.

You can find me at Bitbucket and GitHub as jorge07

Technology stack


  • +++ Master, I use it on daily basis and prepare some trainings
  • ++ Good enough, I worked with it
  • + I still remember how it was

I try other languages and databases like Erlang and RethinkDB, and even work with unity. Are not in the list, because I'm not a professional.

(Storage) {

  • Elasticsearch ++
  • MySQL +++
  • MariaDB +++
  • MSQLServer ++
  • Oracle +
  • MongoDB ++
  • Redis +++


(Languages) {

  • Php +++
  • Go +
  • JavaScript +++
  • Pl/SQL +
  • C++ ++


(Frameworks) {

  • Symfony and Doctrine evangelist +++
  • Silex +++
  • CakePHP +
  • PlayFramework +
  • Revel ++
  • ExpressJS +++
  • KoaJS +++
  • LoopBack ++
  • KeystoneJS ++
  • GhostJS (in what this page is running) +++


(Tools) {

  • PHPStorm/WebStorm +++
  • Travis +++
  • Jenkins ++
  • Docker +++
  • Docker Ecosystem(Swarm, k8s, compose, registry, machine etc etc etc) ++
  • Behat ++
  • PHPUnit +++


  • BDD and/or TDD as basic. Solve poor requirements.
  • SOA & DDD to have a clear and clean code.
  • Microservices with common sense.
  • Very strong object oriented culture.
  • Code first, the database model is just a consequence.
  • Code has to be easy to read.
  • Automate everything, your memory sometimes lie, the machine... machine too but not so often.
  • Infrastructure as a code, ansible and docker.
  • Very fan of this people that makes me laugh

I'll update this post with some projects when I've more time.

English keyboard always, please!


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