First entry


Thats my first entry on the blog. As it is my first blog in english you will see so many mistakes but don't worry because I'll be learning at the same time.

For those that don't know nothing about me:

I'm Jorge, born in Seville, south of Spain, but living in Barcelona since 2013. I my title is sysadmin, but I'm working as full stack since a couple of years.

Currently working on Let's Bonus in completely new and dockerized Continuous Delivery environment. Previously at as software architect.
I also worked at, Rec Stock Footage and

I've more than 4 years of experience in PHP and Javascript, I don't believe in people that call himself gurus or ninjas but I admire this people that teach me something with a smile.

I'm basically creating this blog to store in some place few resources, tricks and to share what some friends ask me so often about how to do something in particular.

I'll talk about coding focus on Nginx, Symfony, Nodejs, Docker, testing, Jenkins, ElasticSearch, MySQL, Angular and maybe Mongo.

Welcome to my world and I hope you save some time with one of my posts, its the objetive.